Trinity Students in Classroom
Kindergarten Program

The kindergarten curriculum at Trinity Episcopal School offers an integrated learning experience across all core subjects and program activities. The kindergarten program offers the development of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic awareness. The program includes a multi-sensory approach to learning that is adapted to meet the individual academic, spiritual, and social needs of each child. The kindergarten program includes a variety of formal and informal learning experiences. Children will engage in activities that provide opportunities for their spiritual, personal, and academic development. Learning centers and creative stations offer students the opportunity to engage in creative activities that include reading, math, science, social studies, and the arts. Intertwined throughout the daily activities is an integrated approach to help children develop and build foundational beliefs and values from a biblical perspective. Learning centers within the classroom allow children to learn to work, learn, and play cooperatively in a spiritual growth environment.

Language Arts

The Language Arts programs at the kindergarten level are rich and age appropriate, offering a wide variety of language opportunities within the daily learning environment. The Orton-Gillingham method is applied throughout the curriculum to introduce and strengthen phonemic awareness as the children begin to blend sounds to make words. Decodable books through Primary Phonics are offered to encourage application and a foundation for reading success. The Beginning to Read, Write and Listen series is incorporated into the daily kindergarten program. This language arts program provides a flexible, multi-sensory phonetic program, using visual, kinesthetic, and auditory activities. Also infused within the Language Arts program is the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. This program is a research-backed writing curriculum that provides a positive and gentle learning style for beginning writers.

Kindergarten uses Dimensions Math text and workbook published by Singapore Math, Inc. This curriculum focuses on number conceptual understanding and problem solving. This research-based program was developed to help children connect concrete, pictorial, and abstract numerical representations. In kindergarten, children are immersed in math activities that include a diverse and integral use of manipulatives to help strengthen development of concrete numerical skills and computation. The in-depth scope and sequence content includes, but not limited to, understanding number bonds to 10, beginning addition and subtraction, exploring tens and ones to 100, telling time on the hour, and coin recognition.

The kindergarten curriculum supports and encourages strong spiritual awareness for each child. Through daily lessons guided by the Summit Ministries / Faith for Life curriculum, children participate in lessons that provide foundational teachings of Christian faith. The kindergarten children gather twice weekly for joyful worship school chapel services with first grade students. Classroom and chapel services work together to enhance each child’s positive self-concept and respect for others.

Non-discriminatory Policy:
Trinity Episcopal School is committed to admitting and welcoming students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin.

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Non-discriminatory Policy:
Trinity Episcopal School is committed to admitting and welcoming students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin.

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