Our Programs

Strengthening Our Lives with the Power of the Holy Spirit

Trinity Episcopal Church’s groups and programs foster cohesive communities creating a deeper understanding though Christ. Delving deeper into God’s Word and building our faith together, our membership programs promote living a Christ-centered life. With our selection of programs, our congregation is able to strengthen their faith as well as our community.



Anglican 101: A History of the Anglican Communion

This interesting and educational study teaches how the Anglican Church was established, beginning with the Old Testament and continuing through present day.

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Rector's Forum

Sundays at 9:00 am • The Education Building

During the Rector’s Forum, the preacher of the day dives deeper into the Sermon topic.  This is a Bible study that is interactive, extremely informative and highly educational. You will be amazed at how much you learn in a short time.  So come to church with your Bible a little early, grab a cup of coffee and join your fellow parishioners. You will not be disappointed!

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E-100 Bible Study

Thursdays, starting September 15th, from 4:30pm-5:30pm  • The Education Building

Led by Fr. Chris Rodriguez, this study provides an overview of the Bible that guides you through 50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament stories. Upon completion of the study, you will have received the big picture of God’s Word.

Essential 100 (E100) Bible Study Schedule
The Judges
9/15/2022 Israel’s Disobedience Judges 2:6-3:6
9/22/2022 Deborah Leads Israel Judges 4:1-5:31
9/29/2022 Gideon Defeats the Midianites Judges 6:1-7:25
10/6/2022 Samson Defeats the Philistines Judges 13:1-16:31
10/13/2022 The Story of Ruth Ruth 1:1-4:22
The Rise of Israel
10/20/2022 Samuel Listens to God 1Samuel 1:1-3:21
10/27/2022 King Saul 1Samuel 8:1-10:27
11/3/2022 David and Goliath 1Samuel 16:1-18:16
11/10/2022 David and Saul 1Samuel 23:7-24:22
11/17/2022 King David 2Samuel 5:1-7:29

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Women’s Bible Study

Wednesdays, starting September 28th, from 6:00pm-7:30pm  • The Education Building

Trinity will be hosting a Women’s Bible Study beginning Wednesday, September 28th at 6:00 PM in the Education Building. We will be studying, Jesus & Women: In the First Century and Now by Kristi McLelland. In this study, Kristi McLelland takes readers back to when Jesus walked the earth in the first century. She illustrates the culture and the history to give readers a fuller understanding of Jesus’s stories and teachings. Participants explore how Jesus restores honor and dignity to women in the first century and to women of today, while acquiring a deeper insight and perspective into familiar Bible stories.

Please join us and invite your friends to this 7-week Bible study that will be facilitated by Janet Barkett. The study will be held on Wednesdays from September 28th through November 16th, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM in the Education Building.

The Lost Art of Listening

Mondays, starting October 3rd, from 4:30pm-5:30pm  • The Education Building

How are your listening skills? Would you like to learn how listening can be an essential tool for ministry? In an age of distraction, division, and emotional distance, we as Christians can recover the art of listening to foster compromise and create healthy connections. Beginning Monday, October 3rd, Trinity will host The Lost Art of Listening Book Study. The Lost Art of Listening is a very practical self-help book written by Michael P. Nichols, PhD, and Martha B. Straus, PhD, and this study will teach ways to hear what people mean, not just what they say, share a difference of opinion without sounding dismissive, encourage people to open up to you, make sure both sides get heard in heated discussions, and ask for support without getting unwanted advice.

The Art of Listening Book Study will be taught by Father Gritter, who will give a Godly perspective on these principles, and Lisa Hastings, member of Trinity and retired teacher who brings experiences of 20 years in a classroom and 30 years in marriage.

Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King

3rd Saturday of the Month at 10:00am  • The Education Building

Daughters of the King began as an order of laywomen in the Episcopal Church who take a lifelong vow for devotion to a life of prayer, service, and evangelism. Following the vows of the Order, members serve the parish and clergy in areas where their gifts of service are needed. The Trinity Chapter is active and meets once a month for study and prayer. Please call the church office at 772-567-1146 for more information.



Suffering is often the largest obstacle for people to be able to trust in a God that is good and loving.  If God is in fact trusting and loving, and He is, why is there so much suffering in the world?  Where does evil come from?  Does suffering have a purpose?  And if so, what is it?  All these questions were discussed during our Book Study conducted by Fr. Chris Rodriguez and Fr. Josh Gritter.  

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Book Study:
The Screwtape Letters

CS Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters was written after Lewis’ brother narrowly escaped from the Nazis at Dunkirk, the Screwtape Letters are 31 short letters between demons as they work to corrupt and secure the soul of a young man for eternity.

This book was an enormous influence on Fr. Rodriguez, as it made him see the spiritual warfare in his own life and the solution that only Jesus Christ can give.

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Lenten Book Study: The Problem of Pain

If God is a god of love, why is there suffering in the world? Does evil disprove the existence of God or at least call into question His character? Why do bad things happen to good people? Does suffering have a purpose? Join us as we examine these questions and others as the Rector leads us on a four-part study of C.S. Lewis’ book, The Problem of Pain.

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Is Genesis History?

Presented by Doug Ell, author of Counting to God, member of Trinity Episcopal Church and former Vestry member, this two-part series focuses on the new DNA and other scientific evidence for the literal truth of the Book of Genesis – a real Adam and Eve, a real Noah, and a real worldwide flood. Is Genesis history? If so, would that strengthen your faith? Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Doug Ell speak on this fascinating topic that is so applicable to our faith and daily life.

Our two-part video series is available here for your convenience.



Choral Scholars Program

This program is for high school students to sing with the Church choir, learn advanced musicianship skills and about the church and liturgy.  In addition to learning these skills, students are eligible to receive a scholarship for their participation.  If you, or someone you know is interested in auditioning to be a Trinity Choral Scholar, please have them contact Director of Music and Choirmaster, Anthony Baron at abaron@TrinityVero.org or by calling the church office at 772.567.1146. 


Parish Choir

The Church Choir is open by audition to community members who wish to assist in special liturgies at Trinity Church. These liturgies include our Annual Requiem service and other major works of music that are sung throughout the year. If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact Director of Music and Choir Master, Anthony Baron at abaron@TrinityVero.org or by calling the church office at 772.567.1146.

Boys & Girls Choir

Boys and Girls Choir

The Boys and Girls Choir practice has resumed on Sundays from 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM. If you have any questions regarding the Boys and Girls Choir or you would like your child to join, please contact Darlene Rodgers at drodgers@TrinityVero.org.



Vacation Bible School

We look forward to VBS in the future for a memorable week filled with fun, games and music while learning all about God’s grace.


Sunday School

Sunday at 9:45 am – Education Building

Trinity has childcare for children ages 6 months and up.  We also have Sunday School for children PreK through 5th grade, where the children are taught an age-appropriate Bible lesson that is supported with songs and activities.  Both programs begin at 9:45 AM in the Education Building. Once Sunday School is over, children are brought to their parents in church shortly before Communion.  Children up to age 5 can remain in Childcare until parents pick them up after the service.  Sunday School is taught year-round, and children are welcome to join at any time.  Weekly lessons can be found under the “Resources” on the Live Stream tab.




   September 28 through December 21st

Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm

Church Office Conference Room

Grief Share is a grief support group that is led by Fr. Robert Switz for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. There are 13 weekly sessions with a video introduction from experts in the field, a group discussion time, and a workbook for personal use. Each session is self-contained, so you are welcome to begin attending at any time.  Everyone in the Vero Beach community is welcome to attend.

If you have any questions or would like to sign-up, please contact Fr. Josh Gritter in the Church office at 772-567-1146 or through email at jgritter@trinityvero.org


Pastoral Care

Upon Request

We endeavor to care for the ill, comfort the dying and to be a beacon of support. Our clergy visit those who are unable to attend worship services and will administer Holy Communion upon request.



Weekly Coffee Hour

Sundays after the 10:00 am Service • The Parish Hall

Coffee Hour following our 10AM Holy Eucharist on Sunday is a great way to meet our members. Join us in the Parish Hall immediately following the service. All are welcome.

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Foyer Groups Kickoff Potluck Dinner
Tuesday, October 18th

For those of you who signed up for “Foyers” and participated in the dinners prior to Covid putting a halt to all of our social events, you know what Foyers are all about. For those of you who did not participate, below is a short explanation of what Foyers are. In addition, there will be a more detailed explanation of “Foyers” available at the Welcome Table this Sunday after the Mass.

“Foyers” are casual dinner gatherings in people’s homes, or a mutually agreed upon location such as a picnic in a park. Groups started back in England after the war when churches and places of gathering were destroyed, and fellow Christians sought out a way to keep their “church family” together. Groups are formed randomly with the intent that the Holy Spirit will help to guide the forming of the groups, and parishioners might get to know new members of the congregation. There is no agenda for these dinner meetings other than fellowship, fun, and getting to know one another better.

“Foyers” will kick off with a Potluck Dinner on Tuesday, October 18th at 5:00 PM in the Parish Hall. Please bring a dish to share with 8 people. Please bring a dinner entrée or side dish to share with 8 to 10 people. Coffee, tea, lemonade and desserts will be provided.

Groups will have been previously organized and will be announced at this dinner. Soon after, each “dinner group” will start gathering in January on a once-a-month basis. Groups will be made up of couples and singles 21 years of age and older. There will be no groups larger than 8 people in a group. If you have any questions about “Foyers” please feel free to text or call Susan Miller at 203-415-5903 or email susansweeney1949@gmail.com.

We are hoping for a great turn out for these gatherings. Please sign up on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall, or email Michelle Clevenger in the office at mclevenger@TrinityVero.org. Don’t wait…. signup today!


Men's Group Icon Picture

Men's Group

Next Men’s Group Meeting will be Wednesday, September 28th from 11:30am-1pm – Parish Hall

These meetings are an informal gathering for fellowship, lunch and a presentation from various speakers invited by the Rector. Trinity members, their guests and dads from the Trinity Preschool (and their guests) are invited to attend. This meeting is a bring your own “Brown Bag Lunch,” arrive when you can, leave when you must.

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First Steps Meeting for New Members AND VISITORS

Next Quarterly Meeting will be Sunday, October 2nd in the Education Building  

Hospitality and a welcoming spirit are hallmark of our parish.

First Steps is an opportunity for visitors and new members to meet with Trinity’s Rector, Fr. Chris Rodriguez and become better acquainted with Trinity Episcopal Church. This quarterly meeting is a time of personal interaction for those who are interested in learning about Trinity’s mission, ministries and programs. Come get plugged into Trinity with a cup of coffee and some pastries! 

Knitter's Group

Knitter’s Group

Tuesdays at 12:45 pm • The Education Building

Our members gather to knit prayer shawls for the sick and suffering. Upon completion, the shawls are blessed and distributed by our priests.


Seasonal Events

Trinity Episcopal Church’s family-friendly events like our Fall BBQ Bash and Spring Fling bring parishioners together in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.



Global Outreach - Hope on a Thousand Hills

Matthew and Karli Von Herbulis, along with their daughter Hallelujah and infant son Shepherd, are serving in Rwanda. Matthew works with a Community Transformation project called Hope On a Thousand Hills. The local church has invited him to build sustainable farms to provide food for a school nutrition program, and to train local farmers in productive agriculture techniques.



Trinitarians are generous. We have donated thousands of pounds of food, back-to-school supplies, and hundreds of hours of time to educational programs for at-risk children. To donate, volunteer or to learn more about our outreach ministry, please contact our church office.


Ministry Partners

Trinity Episcopal Church is a community on a spiritual journey to grow in service through stewardship, education and outreach programs. We align our resources, including time and talent, to focus on essential areas of need in Indian River County. By aligning ourselves with local non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army, we can significantly promote God’s compassion.


Visitation Ministry

As Christians, we are called to bring God’s message of love and compassion to those in need within our church family and our community. Volunteers from our church family make additional visits to those who are homebound, in the hospital or in healthcare facilities throughout the year.

Sign up for any of our programs by completing our Friendship Forms in the pews, signing up on the bulletin boards located by the church office, calling the parish office at

772-567-1146 or by emailing Kathy Rodriguez at krodriguez@trinityvero.org