Growth & Enrichment



Darlene Rodgers comes to us with thirty (30) years of teaching experience.  She has a bachelor’s degree in music and a master’s degree in special needs and is certified in the Orff Schulwerk approach for music instruction.

She and her husband Lee have three grown sons and four amazing grand children! Darlene enjoys gardening, cooking and baking and loves spending time with her family.

Music class for preschoolers is a joyous occasion!   Darlene is excited to teach the children to learn to follow their God-given instincts for singing through voice exploration. She will teach them to sing traditional and Christ-centered songs, as they move playing a variety of musical instruments, and using speech in rhythm.   Classical music forms the background for a wealth of experience for beat and rhythm sensitivity and free/structured movement. As German composer Carl Orff has said, “If you have a child’s interest at heart, you will let them learn while they play.”



Chapel is a worship service designed specifically for our preschool children. Using kid-friendly songs, lessons with props and incorporating simple and easy-to-learn prayers, Chapel invites even the youngest child to encounter Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.

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