– Global Outreach 2019 –

Hope on a Thousand Hills

Meet the Von Herbulis Family

Matthew and Karli Von Herbulis, along with their daughter Hallelujah and infant son Shepherd, are serving in Rwanda. Matthew works with a Community Transformation project called Hope On a Thousand Hills. The local church has invited him to build sustainable farms to provide food for a school nutrition program, and to train local farmers in productive agriculture techniques.

Matthew is currently designing and managing the Agriculture Program's Farmer Trainings, and the Research & Demonstration Farm in Rutunga. He focuses on Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture, and tailors the Agriculture Program to meet the needs of the Nutrition Program.

Karli will be serving women in pregnancy and childbirth as a certified doula. Karli is being trained specifically as a birth and bereavement doula to be able to support mothers not only in childbirth, but also in processing grief, as the average mother in Rwanda has experienced the loss of a child.

Hope on a Thousand Hills

The organization Hope On a Thousand Hills in which the Von Herbulis family serves is a ministry of the Anglican Church in Gasabo Diocese. Its mission is to empower churches to flourish in union between the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:35-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20), dedicated to loving God and others through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Hope on a Thousand Hills was founded by Archbishop Onesophore Rwaje, who currently leads a congregation of over one million at the Anglican Church of Rwanda in Gasabo. He is passionate about strengthening the diocese through education, mentorship and church networks. He invited the current Managing Director Fr. Brandon Walsh to assist in the development of the church in Rwanda in 2014, which led to the establishment of HTH.